HK 15: Day 1 – Arriving in Hong Kong

The journey here has been good and bad. The first 7 hour plane journey to Dubai was great. I watched an average movie, played multiplayer Tetris with my brother, the food was more than acceptable and I slept for hours. The 7 hour journey after the layover was horrible. Food was unappetising and Tetris multiplayer didn’t work. Also I was awake for most of it despite trying to get some decent sleep. Also we had a delay. And I lost something really important. But hey, finally in Hong Kong!!

You can always count on Maccies wherever you are.

My mom’s sister and her son were waiting outside when we got there. My cousin is 40+ years old so there’s a generation gap plus I’ve never really been close to him so our conversations were short and slightly awkward. Oh well! We took the bus (with our 5 heavy ass suitcases) and headed to Tuen Mun where my aunt resides. After an hour on the bus, we then had to take the light rail train for another 15 minutes to get to the apartment.

I can’t stress just how humid it was. The inside of the lift was like a sauna. After dropping off all our stuff, we headed to a local restaurant, about 5 minutes walk away. It was a standard Chinese restaurant so we had standard Chinese food. My niece and her parents also came and so did a cousin who moved to Hong Kong from England recently. Food was alright, but usually all food tastes alright to me. I’m a terrible judge of taste as my standards are so low.

My family and I tried to go to bed at around 1am but only managed about 3 hours of sleep. I only managed 1 myself and stayed up since then.

It’s actually the next day now so I’ll finish this post off with saying why the heck is there a thunderstorm?! Can’t even go out of breakfast in this weather! It’s quite foggy and I watched a cloud descend from the top of the mountain to the base until it disappeared.

10 minutes ago, the mountain wasn’t even visible.

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