HK 15: Day 2 – Flying to Taiwan

This morning was crazy. I heard some of the loudest thunders and saw the brightest bolts of lightning ever. It also rained extremely heavily all morning but settled in the afternoon. We had breakfast somewhere close by. It really reminded of the slums in a game I played called Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3. I really loved that game so when I was in the ‘slums’ today, it really felt like I was in the game. It felt really cool. If I were by myself or with a friend, I’d go exploring but there were plans for the day already.

The time leading up to the airport was quite boring. We headed to the bank in the city and my mom sorted out some stuff which I didn’t quite understand. That lasted two hours. Not that fun. After, we went back to a place near my aunt’s to have lunch and then went to an opticians to order some new glasses. You know that eye test they make you do where you read out the letters? Well, here they made me read out numbers but I had to do it in Chinese and it was a bit embarrassing. My pronunciations were so bad. I hardly ever speak in Chinese so yeah. I should sort that out. Also I won’t be getting the glasses until after Taiwan so that kinda sucks. I think the new glasses look really cool.

Japanese restaurant near my aunt’s. My brother had this beef rice bowl.

We then took the bus to the airport. We had like 3 hours to kill so we just got drinks and then went through to the gates. We waited for about an hour but then they tell us there is a delay and we end up waiting another hour. Now this part really pissed me off and made me embarrassed. We sat next to the wall at the start of gate. There was no queue at first but it began to form about 10 minutes before the gates opened. Once the staff started checking tickets, my parents and my brother pushed in the queue at the front. I told them we should either join the back of the queue or just wait until everyone has gone and then just stand up but nope, they pushed in. I guess some people may think I’m over exaggerating but I just really hate people who push in queues. That goes against the whole point. I was in a bad mood already and that just made it worse and I felt super grouchy. Ugh. I could feel the people behind us judging us and with a fair reason. We were ‘those’ people. Anyway we finally got on the plane and left for Taiwan.

View from my seat on the plane.
View from my seat on the plane.

I was so tired I slept just before the plane took off. I remember the plane going down the runway but then the next thing I remember is waking up and people were up and about. That confused me for a bit. The airport reminded me of the HK one but bigger and shinier. To get past the immigration gate, I had to scan my finger tips on a finger tips scanner. Well, everyone had to. They could probably catch me if I do something illegal and leave my fingerprints behind now.  Exiting the airport was pretty dope. I had my first breath of Taiwanese air and it was humid but not as bad as HK. The first thing I noticed was that the taxis looked awesome. They were so clean and shiny. Some of the doors had a strip of LED lights going down it that made them look pretty nice. I’m not sure if it’s just this part or if all of Taipei is like this, but the roads were wide and long. The motorways spiralled around like the ones I’ve seen from Japan and the USA. The journey in the taxi costed about £26 which is pretty pricey, but hey, it got us there quick.

The hotel seemed a bit old but they had free bananas and free water and free Pocari Sweat (a sports drink)! All free! So I took a banana and a bottle of water. The bathroom is the coolest part of the room. They have a sauna bath (which I’ll check out tomorrow) and a toilet with a bidet function built inside. I saw a button for massage which I assumed would massage my butt somehow, but it just squirted water at me at certain intervals. It was really ticklish.

The bidet toilet.

Anyways it’s nearly 3am and breakfast starts in 4 hours. I should get some sleep.



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