Taipei: 5 more observations

1. Shops hate photos

I’m not sure of the exact reason why shops/stalls staff do this, but they’ll always tell you that photography isn’t allowed when you attempt to snap a photo. Okay, so with the places that have signs that say No Photography, I’m like cool, no big deal. But even at places like open malls, I’ll try to take a pic of some cute looking toys and they’ll be like “Omg excuse me sir, you’re not allowed to take photos!!” so I’m just like “Dude, it’s free advertising!” but then I’ll stop because you gotta respectful, right? Anyway, if you come to Taiwan (or even Hong Kong), be expected to be told that you’re not allowed to take photos.

The guy told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the store... but too late!
The guy told me I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the store… but too late!

2. Majority of girls in Taipei are incredibly good looking

Taiwanese women are so hot. Seriously, I can’t believe it. Maybe it’s just Taipei (which it most likely is), but wherever I go, there is always a hot woman within a 10 metre radius of me. It’s actually crazy. At one point while walking down the street, I found myself surrounded by a bunch of beautiful women and I thought to myself “Somebody is repaying me for a great deed I did a millennia ago.” It might be the fashion, it might the make up, I don’t know. All I know is that ever since coming here, I haven’t been able to stop stealing multiple glances here and there. Sometimes I think I’m in a movie where the director only chose beautiful actresses. If you like Asian girls, come to Taipei. I guarantee you’ll have a good time.

3. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is heavily promoted in Taipei. So much that there are dedicated rooms/areas where mothers can safely breastfeed their babies, away from the prying eyes of a pervert. There are signs everywhere to indicate where these breastfeeding rooms can be found.


4. The youth culture

Taipei is full of youth culture. Not surprising since the demographics here seem to be from small kids to young adults. As a result, the area appears to be ‘hipster’ central. A lot of people wear clothes that stand out and are different. Some people look like they’ve just walked out of an anime. Some people look dope as heck. Some people look just plain weird. At the end of the day, it’s interesting and I enjoy admiring the different fashion styles. It feels like old the whole city is catered to the youth, from the anime plastered walls to the arcades round every corner. Taipei screams youth. In some places, you can find dance groups blasting out music and practising their moves. It’s pretty cool. Oh, one more thing. I noticed that the latest fashion trend seems to be dressing up like a Minion. Yep, I’ve seen countless people wear yellow shirts and blue dungarees just to mimic the Minion look.


5. Mopeds are plentiful

The most popular form of transport in Taiwan is undoubtedly the moped. They are everywhere. Taiwanese people drive wherever they want on them, be it a road or a pavement. I feel like if you can’t ride a moped here, you should probably be quite embarrassed. They’re so popular that some places rent out electrical ones for anyone to hire, no license needed.


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