USA 15: Day 1 – The long flights 

9:30 (UK)

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as hell right now. Anxiety levels are quite high, but you wouldn’t be able to tell if you saw me. I’m putting on a bored, cool kinda looking face. I want people to think, ‘wow this guy is so cool, he must have flown so many times before.’ I know no one cares but it makes me feel better.

So why am I so anxious? Today, I’m flying to Austin, Texas. It’ll be my first time travelling alone outside of Europe. And that scares the hell out of me, knowing how unorganised I am. My major worries are trying to not get lost (I have a really bad sense of direction) and getting to where I need to be on time. What’s worse is that there are gonna be two layovers, so I can’t afford to lose attention.

I’m going to arrive in Austin on the same day because Austin is 7 hours behind Birmingham, so my day will be extra long. I don’t even know the total amount of hours I’ll be on the plane. Perhaps I’ll start a timer now on my phone and see how long it takes for me to get to my destination.

My first destination though, Amsterdam.


Still in Birmingham. The plane hasn’t moved yet. There’s been a delay and the captain doesn’t know how long it will take. I’ve already taken two naps as well. The first time, I was leaning to the side, almost on the head of the girl next to me so that was awkward.

12:35 (Amsterdam)

It took me about 20 minutes, I’m guessing, to leave the KLM plane and get on the Delta plane. Because of the delay, they allowed me and other passengers to take the shortcut check in aisle, which was cool. I think it’s my first time seeing and hearing American air hostesses talk and I already feel like I’m in the USA. Now that I’m on the longest flight, I can afford to relax a little and some of my anxiety has gone.

Oh, as I was checking in and stuff, Amsterdam airport people kept asking me things like did I pack my own bag, does everything belong to me, has anyone touched my stuff etc. I haven’t been to Amsterdam airport in a few years but they didn’t ask me that before. Also I got selected to be randomly checked for narcotics. Good thing I didn’t have anything on me.

Anyway, it’s gonna be a long ass flight to Detroit. I haven’t figured out just how long but… It’s gonna be long. Ugh.


Cool, so I’ve just been informed that there’s going to be a delay on this flight too, because there’s a water leak in one of the restrooms. At least there won’t be a rush to find the check in and gate in Detroit since I’m gonna be there for 5 hours. Also I think the captain said that this flight is 8 hours. Man, what should I do in these hours?


I just finished watching The Longest Ride and damn, I felt my eyes get all watery. At one point, I made a weird squeaky noise when I tried to suppress my tears too much. I had literally never heard that noise before, ever, in my life. Anyways, there’s still like 6 hours 16 minutes to go. I just got served dinner and I’ll watch Tomorrowland while I eat that.

The food was actually not that bad.


What the heck, the girl from The Longest Ride is in Tomorrowland. What’re the chances. She’s pretty though, looks a lot like Emilia Clarke.


Just finished Tomorrowland and it was meh, but George Clooney was cool as always. One thing I like about this flight is that they offer you lots of drinks. I remember the flight to HK was alright but they only offered you drinks twice. I must have had drinks six times here, and plenty of snacks too, it’s pretty great.

One thing I’m pretty anxious about is getting to the hostel. I suck at using public transport (that I haven’t used before) in the UK, so I can’t imagine how I’d figure it out in Austin. I mean, I know it’ll probably be quite similar and if not, it should be easy to work out, but still, I’m nervous. Oh, and another thing. I’m landing in Austin at 10:19pm, which means I’ll get to the hostel at around 11:00pm… And I’m sharing a room with five other people… Will I be annoying them? Will they even be asleep? How will it all work out? I actually worry about these things all the time, I just don’t tell anyone. Ah I gotta stop worrying though, I’m sure it will all work out fine. Just gotta flow with the go.


Whoa, I can see the United States outside of the plane window right now. It feels a little surreal, just because this is the country I’ve only seen movies and TV shows in, and now I’m finally here. I don’t even know which movies have taken place in Detroit or Austin but I’m in the same land. It’s kinda cool you know. I think the initial excitement I felt when I planned this trip weeks ago is slowly coming back. Yeah, I’m excited guys. I’m in a foreign country and there’s going to be tons to explore. And 21:34 isn’t the actual time right now, that’s the Amsterdam time but I don’t know what time is actually is so, I’ll change it in my next update.

16:30 (Detroit)

For fuck’s sake, my suitcase isn’t at the luggage claim area. Can’t things just run smoothly for once? I can’t let this bring my moral down. Gonna do something about it.


Finally settled down and just waiting for my next flight now. Turns out my suitcase is being sent to Austin so I can pick it up there, even though TWO other people have told me that I was supposed to pick it up here and then check it in again. No idea.


Just Skyped my friend Aaron. It’s comforting to hear a familiar voice in a foreign land. Boarding is in an hour. I’m pretty exhausted. I can’t wait to get to the hostel and just sleep. This is it for today’s post. It’s pretty long so congratulations if you got this far. I’ll catch you guys tomorrow.


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