USA 15: Day 3 – Achilles the thug-looking nerd

Wow my day has actually been quite eventful. So much that I haven’t even had time to blog during the day.
Okay let’s see. In the morning, things were quite quiet. I woke up late because I had no plans until evening. Around the afternoon, I headed to Einstein Bros Bagels to use their free wifi and book an inn in San Antonio and also to book a bus to get there.

After that, I went to McDonald’s to use their wifi, and then to Starbucks to use their’s.
It was around 16:30 when I got back to the hostel. I had plans for 18:30 but they fell through. It was okay though because while I was back at the hostel, I befriended a black dude who was my roommate. When I first spoke to him when I got here, he didn’t really acknowledge me. The next time I saw him, I said hi but he ignored me so I was like, meh, whatever. This time though, I offered him a sweet and he accepted. He was watching something on his phone and I heard the Dragonball Z theme song so I asked him if he was watching it, which led on to a conversation about that. His favourite character is Vegeta.
While we were chatting, a white dude came out of the bathroom and I offered him a sweet too. Once I heard his accent, I knew he was British so we talked about England. This led on to a conversation about universities and jobs and stuff. Achilles (the black guy), joined in the conversation and gave his two cents on the whole university thing. He said he dropped out of the first semester of college but he’s still doing fine. So fine that he can afford to travel for a couple months and still be stable.
After a bit of talking, the white guy left (I still haven’t got his name) and Achilles and I ended up talking for about 3 hours before going out to get sushi together. What I like about him is that his personality and interests don’t match up with what he looks like. He looks like a thug from the ghetto with all his tattoos but he likes Dragonball Z and Yugioh and Beyblade. It’s just funny and interesting when someone is completely different to the way you imagined them.
He mentioned he wanted to eat sushi after seeing the Z Fighters eat it in Dragonball Z so I was like, you wanna get some sushi for dinner? He was down for it so we went to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet that I found while walking around the other day.
He called an Uber taxi and we drove down to the restaurant. I expected the kind of sushi buffet with the conveyor belt but I was wrong. You ordered from a menu and they’d bring you the sushi, which was cool. The selection was pretty amazing. Achilles and I had a good chat during this and I learnt quite a bit about him. He also tried hitting on one of the waitresses and it was so funny. So there was a dish called ‘Who’s your daddy?’. Achilles calls over the waitress, who’s Korean, and says to her, ‘who’s your daddy?’ and she replies, ‘what?’. Then he says it again, ‘who’s your daddy?’ and she’s like, ‘ohh you want the sushi?’ and he says it again, ‘WHO’S your daddy?’ and she looks confused as hell. It was pretty cringey and awkward so I tell her to just ignore him. He starts explaining the joke and by the end of it, she asks him if he wanted one and he said no. I felt pretty bad for wasting her time so I ordered one and you know what, it was pretty delicious. A tad too much sauce, but delicious.
We walked back to the hostel and just chilled. It was a good day.

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