USA 15: Day 5 – Flying to Peru

12:45 (at the inn)
Currently, I am in the lobby of the inn, in San Antonio. The flight is at 19:00 so I should probably get there 2 hours before hand..? Well, either way, I have quite a few hours to kill. I might get something to eat at the mall where I met up Cara yesterday. I should probably buy some water too, I’ve been pretty dehydrated recently. The mall is a 43 minute walk away and I should probably take the bus since I have my suitcase with me but I gotta kill time so walking it is.

14:03 (chilling at Wonderland of the Americas)
I left at around 1pm and just arrived. Damn guys, the walk was a lot harder than I expected. The heat really takes a toll on you. Also, on the path that google maps led me, there were parts where they weren’t any pavements! I had to drag my suitcase along the grass. But at least I’m here now and I’ve ordered some food to fill my belly.
15:16 (terrible wifi)
Man the wifi here sucks. I’ve been trying to Skype with Nathan but the calls kept disconnecting. Oh well. I have about another 2 hours to kill.
This time tomorrow, I will be in Peru with Cara, and then another few hours later, we will be with Aaron. I’m pretty excited to see Aaron because it’s been a while since we saw each other. Also gonna be the first time we’re going on a holiday together. Also it’ll be good to see something/someone familiar.
Sitting at the airport with Cara now. Have about an hour to wait. This holiday/journey to enlightenment has consisted of a lot of waiting. By the way, Cara’s mom has been super nice to me by driving me to the airport. Saves me time and $1.20.
We’re on the plane now. It still doesn’t feel like we’re going to Peru so we’re not particularly excited or anything. Oh well. This is only a 2hr 15min journey so it’s not bad at all.
Woohoo! We’re in Mexico City airport. Man, getting through customs was effort. First we didn’t fill out the correct form on the airplane to get through the first gate thing when we landed, so we had to get new forms and fill them in. Then it turns out we missed the bottom half of the form so we had to fill that. Then I lost my original form for customs and had to fill that. Then Cara had to get her bag searched. Then we had to find the place where I could check in my suitcase. Then I had my bag searched. And now we’re at the departure gates but our gate number isn’t showing. So now we’re just gonna chill until something shows up. Fun times. I’m pretty tired so I’ll probably get some food in me since food keeps me up. Cara looks stressed so I hope she’s okay.
Most of the passengers on this plane are asleep but I can’t seem to fall asked myself. There’s about an hour and a half left. Listening to Safe and Sound by Capital Cities at the moment. There’s just something about this song that is so epic.

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