A re-introduction

Gotta get this bit out the way

I’ve been wondering for a while now how to write a post to explain what I’ve been up to and what has been going on in my life without making it messy and hard to follow. I should get some things out of the way first.

The previous few posts, USA and Peru ones, were mostly written on the day it happened. It’s been almost two months since then. If you can’t be bothered to read those posts, understandable. I can’t even be bothered. No doubt there must be some embarrassing stuff there but oh well, it’s in the past. The person that wrote those things and the one right now are nearly completely different. The main differences are:

stripey two months ago:

  • Depressed
  • Occasionally suicidal
  • Jobless
  • Had no future
  • Hated -mostly- everyone
  • Fake smiles
  • Lost

stripey now:

  • Positive
  • Jobful (even if it’s only an apprenticeship)
  • Looking forward to the future
  • Loves friends
  • Smiles for real
  • Hopeful

Before I carry on, I wanna say the only reason I use the name stripey and not my real name is because I’ve been trying to remove my identity from the internet. Try searching my real name if you know it. Only my LinkedIn profile shows up!

So yeah, as you can see, I’ve really improved myself. I still have a lot to work on but for the first time in years, I can see clearly and I owe a lot, maybe all, of it to travelling and psychedelics. I don’t plan on talking about my psychedelic adventures much because it’s such a taboo subject but I may reference it now and then. But honestly, I’d say travelling and meeting people, and the power of psychedelics both played an equal part to get me out of the deep, dark hole I was once in. What seemed impossible to get out of is now almost a distant memory. I won’t forget it though. It was a difficult obstacle to overcome and I want to remember that I took a step out and for that, I’m hugely proud of myself. I’m still in disbelief of the love I have for myself when just two months ago, I was wishing I was dead and hating myself so much that I was constantly exhausted.

If you happen to stumble across this post and are curious or want to hear my experiences in the hopes that it may help you with your situation, just hit me up.

The future of this blog

This blog doesn’t even have that many posts in it and it’s already so messy. I don’t really have a solid plan for it anymore. Well, I didn’t have one in the first place but for now, I’m just going to post what comes into my mind. I called it stripeytravels because I wanted to share with you guys my journey to wherever I’m heading. I mean that figuratively and literally.

But that’s it for now. I have some more posts that I wrote a while ago which I can share now because I got this one out the way.



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