An awkward conversation with my boss

I don’t know what was going through my mind when I asked him,

“Do you know anyone who works in the television industry?”

Perhaps it was the adrenaline induced from the thoughts of chasing my dream. That notion has been clinging to my mind since the past week.

During lunch, I was researching ways to get to where I want to be. It came down to 2 routes.

  1. Attempt to go down the university road again, doing a Film & Television Production course. The pros: I learn the basic skills and have more chance of making good contacts. The cons: The damn debt. Also even if I graduate, I will have to climb the television industry from the bottom rung of the ladder.
  2. Attempt to work in a film or television company. I tried this before during my internship in London but I wasn’t getting paid and I basically could not survive down there. Instead, I could find a local TV company and work for them for free. Once I get enough experience, I could try my luck again in London and look for a paid job.

The second idea actually came from my boss. I’d thought of it before but I didn’t get the specifics down.

How we got to that conversation started with me suddenly turning around (he sits behind me) and bursting out with the question: Do you know anyone who works in the television industry?

Once I had asked that, I realised how awkward it was and try to soften the blow by saying that it was something I wanted to get into in the future. We talked for a while and he mentioned that while he hoped that I would continue with the company after my apprenticeship is over, he understands that I’m still looking for the right path in life. It was only afterwards that I remembered companies hire apprenticeships to train them and recruit them into the company so now my boss probably thinks it’s pointless to train me since I obviously don’t plan on staying with them now…

He was really nice about it though. He told me he did have connections with people in the TV industry and would hit me up with them whenever I wanted, so that’s good. Still, it was an awkward conversation and I don’t think I’d make the same mistake again.



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