A selection of ‘hipster’ music that I like

Hunter Hunted – “End of the World”

Admittedly, I only just discovered this song about 5 minutes ago but I’ve grown to like it already. It’s the kinda song that makes your head nod subconsciously, but even better, it kinda makes you feel like a child. That’s possibly just me, but it makes me feel free and young. 

The Mowgli’s – “I’m Good”

This is one of my go-to “feel good” songs. The kinda song that would make you jump up and dance with your friends. Two reasons why I personally don’t do it; I look like an infected zombie when I dance and my friends wouldn’t dance with me.

Phoenix – “Trying To Be Cool”

I reckon Phoenix would not be to everyone’s taste. They’re pretty damn hipster or indie or whatever you wanna call them. I discovered them through a TV show but can’t remember which now. They were the first band that got me into this kind of music though so they hold a special place in my heart.

The Chainsmokers did a remix on this song which is also dope.

Magic Man – “Waves”

Magic Man is my all time favourite hipster band. By the way, I have no idea whether this music is considered hipster or what. Hipster isn’t even a genre. But I’m hoping you know what I mean.

Back to Magic Man, their music has got me through some tough times and they’ve helped me achieve euphoria occasionally too. When I stick my earphones in and block out all other noise, their music almost takes me to a whole ‘nother world. It’s amazing. Their whole Waves album is amazing and I totally recommend giving every song a chance.



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