It’s 2016! This is my plan

Already procrastinated and posted this late lol.

Welcome 2016

When it turned 2016 (before I went to bed), I was feeling pretty good. Happiness is an emotion I’ve come to really enjoy, and in the days since I got back from America, I have experienced it plenty of times. Most weekends I have been going out with my friends doing nothing but always having a good time. I haven’t taken it for granted though because days like these are limited. The end may have already begun with two of my closest friends preparing to move away from here to further their careers. That’s okay though, I will still remember to smile daily and be optimistic.

I’ve found myself laughing a lot more at TV shows. I can appreciate comedy a lot more because my mind can focus on it rather than thinking of a billion things at once.

So here are my goals so far


I bought a longboard last year which has about one hour of use. I have found out something recently that might lead to better practices. I think the wheels might be too loose but I don’t have the tools yet to fix that, so that’s going on my priority list. I rarely learn new non-computer skills so for this year, I really want to be able to longboard.

Me acting cool.

Make a short movie

With all the free time I have at work, I’ve been learning how to create new effects on Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. But there’s no point learning all this and not putting it into use, so I began a new short movie project. I know what the theme will be but not yet thought of a solid storyline. It’s going to take a while knowing me and my struggle with creativity, but I won’t give up. I’m determined to make a great one.

I call this my Wall Of Planning. Only got one sticky note so far.

Move back to Birmingham

There’s a lot of reasons for me to move back to Birmingham city so I’ll be working towards that this year. I miss the freedom resources the city had to offer me. It feels like I can’t really grow here in this tiny village. I really need to be in a big city to spread my wings. The only way I can do this is by quitting my apprenticeship and finding a job that pays enough for me to rent a place though. I’m still trying to weight the pros and cons of quitting so that’s an obstacle I’ve yet to overcome. Hopefully I can get answers soon.


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