A movie pet peeve

Movies employ many techniques to keep viewers in suspense, and when I began typing this up, I thought the technique I am about to explain was one of those suspense ones but after thinking about it, I don’t know why movies do this as it seems to serve nothing but to annoy movie fans.

For example, I was just watching Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and there was a scene where the MC discovered something bad and had to get himself and his friends out of a place. When his friends questioned him, he would avoid answering and insist that they needed to get out. Only at the last minute did he reveal what he found out. And I’m here thinking if he’d just told them from the very beginning, a lot of mistrust and quarrel would have been subdued.

I see this being done in movies all the time and it really peeves me off because there is no reason for a character to withhold information like that. I’m really interested to know the purpose for this. Perhaps it’s to create some sort of tension? I don’t know.



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