Drawing again


Recently, I acquired a Wacom Intuos, a drawing tablet used by artists and graphic designers. I’ve been messing around with a lot recently but I’m still pretty suckish at it. The transition from paper to digital takes some getting used to, and having to learn all the settings for each tool is quite difficult to. The learning curve seems to be quite steep.

photo_2016-01-21_00-46-20 (2)

At the moment, I’m struggling the most with the most with colouring in. I have yet to learn about shading, blending methods, lineart etc. I’ve worked on some things already but none are worth showing off yet. Well, maybe I can show you a Supergirl piece I was working on but have since given up since I couldn’t get the shading down. Perhaps I’ll come back to it once I’ve had more practise.


Look out for more projects since I’ve been practising everyday. It’s great to have found a new (or revitalised an old) hobby.



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