Night thoughts 01 – Unable to sleep

I should really try to blog more frequently. I love it, but I’m just so lazy.

It’s currently 5AM and funnily enough, it isn’t because I’m sleeping so late. It’s because I woke up so early. I was meant to nap for about 20 mins around 9PM but that somehow turned into a full blown sleep, and I ended up waking at around 4AM. I’m almost wide awake now, but I can see myself struggling at work after lunch. Not looking forward to that!

About work, I’ve got more responsibilities now. My boss has given me completely control over 5 projects. Five! Two of those I know nothing about and catching up to them is difficult. I have a meeting later as well with a client. My first meeting. Have to be social. Ugh.

In other news, I have permed hair now. I wanted a change from straight hair and I think it’s paying off. Either people are being really nice and telling me a white lie, or this is actually a pretty sick hairdo. Either way, I am growing to like it. It’s the second time I’ve permed it actually, but I was really antisocial then so none of my friends even saw it.

I still have about 3 hours left before I need to get ready for work. I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to sleep so what shall I do…



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