The 🔑 is to make it

I’m pretty torn between leaving this job and staying, still. I know I’ve been moaning about since I basically took the job (been around 4 months now), but there always seems to be reasons why I should stay, and reasons why I shouldn’t.

Reasons why I should stay

  • There is potential for the company to improve. A client recently paid a bunch of money to us and the MD and CEO had a meeting with us employees, asking what can be done to improve the interior. I suggested bean bags, someone else suggested new blinds. The CEO herself suggested a Pac-Man arcade machine. These all sound really nice but I don’t know if they will actually go through with any of it. Knowing them, it probably won’t happen. There’s even a chance we could get Bear Grylls to be in a TV advert we’re going to produce. Dude, I wanna meet Bear.
  • I like my colleagues. Well, the two that I sit with anyone. They’re really cool people and one of them always looks after us cos she’s more experienced and has worked in a similar place before. We chat on Skype while at work and it’s endearing to see her giggle when I do or send something funny.20160219085641
  • This could somehow lead me to working in the media industry? Social media and media aren’t really the same thing so I don’t know. My boss said he has connections with a creative agency in Birmingham but I can’t really ask him about it cos that’s just awkward as fuck…

Reasons why I should leave

  • It’s a horrible place with bad management. Hours are long (9-6) and I get paid next to nothing. I believe my skills are worth more but are they really when I have no way to prove them?
  • I’m unhappy. Not depressed, but unhappy. But I also feel like it could be worse. I mean, I can listen to music and use my own laptop but… I don’t know.
  • It’s not really related to my end goal. I want to be in the media industry. Is this even the right path? Am I actually moving forward or have I been in the same place the last 4 months?

Oh I really don’t know. I have to take control of my life but I don’t know where to lead it. But whatever I do, I know that the 🔑 is to make it.


PS: The whole key thing comes from DJ Khaled’s inspirational videos. He is my idol. You all need to watch this.


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