Morbid reality

It’s weird. Just last year, I was depressed as heck. The thought of suicide was common. I shared that fact with  a select few of my friends, but thinking back now, I actually feel slightly embarrassed. I shouldn’t feel that way, but whenever someone mentions it, I try to avoid the topic.

Depression is a huge issue and it’s very, very real. I would say I’m incredibly lucky that I never attempted to do anything rash. Some people aren’t as fortunate and end up doing something they regret. I empathise with them.

I recently came across a subreddit called r/MorbidReality. I am often morbidly curious. I can’t explain why and some people find that weird or disturbing. Here’s a great video form Vsauce explaining morbid curiosity

So glad he made that video. He can put into words what I cannot. Anyway, I’ve been browsing r/MorbidReality for the past hour and why? It’s not a fetish or a love or anything. I find myself just completely empathising with the victims. This one in particular hit me hard. Imagining the struggles that person went through.. I just can’t fathom it. Another one that really affected me is this top comment. It reminds me just how fragile life is and the life you have become used to can drastically change from one moment to the next. This is one of the main reasons why I browse these subreddits and threads. It’s like a reminder that I should be a better person and to truly appreciate the people in my life.

I am not always morbidly curious but I am glad to be at least once in while as it fills me with the empathy I need to ground me to reality. I’m not sure what I’m trying to portray through this post but browsing that subreddit made me want to blog so here I am.

Anyway, keep it cool guys. Cherish life and all that. Reach out to people when you’re facing interntal/external struggles. Reach out to people you know who are depressed and probably need someone to talk to. I guarantee you they’ll appreciate it. Feeling kinda sentimental now.



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