A letter to me

dear me

Dear younger me,

What the fuck were you thinking when you gorged on those chocolate bars and packets of crisps? Don’t you give a crap about future you? Why are you making it so hard for him. It’s alright though. Not like I’m any better. Just take it slow. You’ve been able to eat healthily before, so I can do it again. Thanks for showing me that. I just need to find the motivation that motivated you to do it before. Thanks for all the positive things you have done for me. Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things that even I would hesitate to do now. Thanks for giving a shit sometimes and not getting me killed thus far. 

Dear future me,

My road is going to be tough, but I’m determined to make your life a little better if possible. I want you to be proud of me so that you can live a better life than I am now. I’ll try my best to do new things so that you may create even more opportunities yourself. I’ll try not to fuck up too much.



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