Rough plan ahead

I’m listening to this song at the moment:

It’s so chill. Perfect for this weather too. Let me show you.


I’m feeling pretty good. Nathan visited earlier and we played on the Wii U I recently bought. It was so jokes. I hadn’t laughed so hard in ages. It was to the point of my stomach hurting.

Last day of work

Let me update you on my life once again. My last day at the social media agency job was on Friday 1st April. I asked them if they would keep me on for minimum wage but the answer they gave me was no because they were looking for someone long term. I’d told my boss the reason I quit was because I needed to make more money to afford to go to university. I’m kinda glad they didn’t want me though. When I first started it, it was quite chilling, but as more people left, the more work I got and it became so stressful. The only reason I’d stay would have been for my friend and colleague Tracy. I really enjoyed talking to her.


Right after my last day there, I began training for my job as a Domino’s delivery driver. The social anxiety really got to me. I found it really difficult to fit in with the people there. They were mostly white lads that were… typical? It makes sense in my head but I’m pretty sure I’m being prejudice/racist by saying that. I’ve not hung out with British white kids since primary school and a bit in high school. My closest friends are all minorities. Not because I only befriend minorities, but I don’t really have the opportunities to meet British kids. I don’t really know how to explain this so I’ll just stop.

The plan

Anyway, my plan is to work here for another two weeks and the quit. My dad told me to help out at the takeaway instead since it’ll pay more and I won’t have to drive which will save money. Meanwhile I’ll look for a course to do at university. I’ll most likely won’t be able to find a place this year, so it’ll have to be another year. That’s okay though. One year, two years, three years, as long as I keep trying to move forward, it’s okay. I’ll also be trying to find a job in the city because I’m sick of living at home. It’s just suffocating to be in a village where it’s hard to get anywhere. If I live in the city, I can see my friends more often and actually have a social life again. I miss living in the city. I have so many good memories there. I used to talk walks at night and the breeze was so refreshing. Here, there are no lights so it’s just scary to walk around.

It’s going to be tough. As usual, I’m scared. But I know my family and my friends will support me. That’s more than I can ask for to be honest. I’ll make it.

I know I will.



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