It’s a freakin’ chill day today

Man, the weather’s good, the temperature is nice, I’m not feeling too stressed. I have some things that need doing but I’m just gonna take the day off and try to relax. And you know what that means.


It’s going to be a bit of a controversial post so uh, if you don’t like reading about certain illicit mind-altering substances then I suggest you don’t keep reading. I’m gonna just write out my thoughts throughout the evening.

I have in front of me about 245ug of lysergic acid diethylamide. I shall consume this now.


Alright, I’ve ingested it. I always hate this part as eating/swallowing paper is just so gross to me. It’s over now though. The effects should take place in around 1-2 hours so I’ll just chill and listen to some music for now.

Oh shit, my brother and my mom are arguing. Time to put in earphones.


I’m starting to feel it now. My throat feels funny. I wouldn’t say it’s uncomfortable, but it’s not pleasant either. It’s just, a feeling.


I forgot to mention this is the highest dose I’ve had yet. Only about 5% more but still. Had some leftover from a microdose. My hands are shaking and my teeth feel funny. It’s time to lie down and just enjoy the music. The weather’s really grey now. I’m having quite a nostalgic feeling. Omg lol, the words are all wavy now. Still legible but I reckon in about an hour, I won’t be able to type properly. Look how dope this is:

How did people make this. Looks so awesome. I wanna learn. HAha shit my mind is blown. i’m griopping on to things again. I remember I coldn’t sotp doing it lol, it’s not bad, just interesting to note. i’m not correcting my mistakes because it’s so much effort to go back and fix it. and my fingers sometimes don’t listen to me lol. but this is so cool, i feel like i’m being taken away to another dimension. it jujst feels good, you know?

i’m pretty happy yo know. yea,h i got lots of shit left to deal with, bt i’m generally okat.kinda just wanna take this moment to just relax. i love how lsd can make you listen to music in a totally different way. it’s like each note really resonates… it’s so clear and vivid. sometimes if i don’t focus, i jjust end up staring at something. the lsd makes it so interesting, like just a second ago I was starting at my keyboard. the waves are moving to the music.  any way i’m gonna get off the laptop and lay back a bit


omg i’m tripping pretty hard. spent the last couple hours on reddit looking at 2d poly art and

there’s a really nice glow in front of me right now

photo_2016-04-29_21-10-32I’d like to say that the peak is over, but i dunno if it is yet tbh.

If I had to say the first thing in my mind right now, it would be:



don’t worry i’m only internally yelling lol. I’m gona read this and be like wtf later.. but atm it just makes so much sense. nope, im defo till tripping, the sentences are moving everywhere its hard to keep track of it haha. thats so weird. what i can see and what is actually happe ning are two different things, but i swear to you now, my laptoip screen is melting and the words are sliding about

the saddest part is having no one to share these memories with.


It’s prrobably not a good idea to go walk outside right now especially when things are still pulsing about. but let’s do it!!! will report back soon6


OMFG holy shit. that was so fucking intense. That was amazing. I wish i could capture what i saw in a picture but… it was so beautiful. i’ve never noticed so many stars in the sky before and i was mind blown when i could see all these lines intersecting and joining them. When i looked up in the sky, it was like a huge cobweb. except really pretty. i’m probably not making this sound nice but honestly it was so beautiful and sobre st, try to remember what it looked like. i could see the galaxy


I am mostly sober now. Gotta brush my teeth real quick and then I’ll be back.


Oh god what was I doing. Okay so how did today’s trip go? It was pretty good. I never really get anything truly insightful from my trips, but they’re still super fun even if it’s by myself. From what I’ve experienced, Lucy makes you feel stronger of whatever emotion you’re feeling at the time. That includes laughter. I was watching a let’s play of Heavy Rain with my brother and there were parts that weren’t supposed to be funny but made us laugh anyways, and I found myself laughing extra hard to the point where I could breathe. My grandma joined in halfway and the remarks she makes is so funny. I love my grandma. I should spend more time with her to be honest, instead of being holed up in my bedroom all day. I need to get a life lol.

At the end of the day though, I did feel some motivation to better myself, physically and mentally. There are so many things I want to achieve, and I just know that I can do it if I really try. The problem is, I never really try.

And with that, I must bid you adieu. My eyelids are heavy.



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