Third time’s the charm

Honestly, my procrastination levels have been at an all time high lately. My daily routine consists of waking up, browsing reddit, sleeping again, waking up, having brunch, gaming, browsing reddit, having dinner, gaming, browsing reddit, sleeping. It’s terrible.

Why is it so difficult for me to just do the things I’m supposed to do? Tomorrow, I’m going to call the GP to see if he can direct me to a specialist to see if I have ADHD or something similar. If it turns out I don’t have anything, then I know for sure that I’m just lazy as fuck. And what would I do with that information? Hmm…

The last time I posted, I said I’d drop acid but I haven’t found time to yet. I’ve been working part time doing delivery for a restaurant nearby. Sometimes the pay is great depending on how many deliveries I do and how many tips I get. Last night was my last shift because I want to focus on university (yep, I got in again). I earned £50 in 3.5 hours of work which is pretty dope


The night before everyone got their A level results, I downed 3 Red Bulls in order to get through the night and apply online. I ended up fucking up that plan though. I did maybe 10 minutes of work around 1am and just browsed reddit and YouTube. I finished about 60% of the application around 5am before I needed to crash and have a little sleep. I finally called the university at around 12pm once I’d gotten a reply from my Apprenticeship Advisor saying that he’d write me a reference. Everything was so rushed and I was stressing so hard.

The thing is, I could have applied anytime since I’ve already got my results from a few years ago. But nope, everyday I decided to game and waste time instead. Fucking why?

Anyhow, I’m now on a graphics design course. It should be fun. Was it the right university? I don’t know. Was it the right course? Heck yeah. I figure, if I’m doing a course that doesn’t guarantee a job right away (or even ever), then I’m just gonna be the fucking best at it.

This song just came on my YouTube music playist and it’s soo chill. Pretty sure it’s relieving my stress.

Anyway, I’m gonna go now. I’m gonna leave some pics of my recent trip to London with my family. I really think my photography has improved and I’m excited and proud to share these pics. Thank god I have a hobby.


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