Moving away

Hi all,

Well today is the day I’ve moved into the shared house for university. What are my feelings?

I’m feeling.. anxious. I took a nap earlier and I feel a little more refreshed. I’ve yet to unpack my clothes, but I always leave that last. I’m typing this offline because I haven’t asked my housemate about the internet yet. Not even sure if this place has WiFi, maybe they just use Ethernet cables.

View from my bedroom.

Oh yeah, I’ve met one housemate so far. He’s called Rick, from China. He’s a chill guy. I wish his English was a little better because we end up using motions and/or Mandarin. But he’s cool. He told me he has one other friend living here and there’s also an African guy here, who isn’t a student but works a job.

I’m kinda expecting that we wont’ hang out much. The Chinese dudes will be talking Mandarin all day and the African guy works all day so I’m left almost undisturbed, which is great for me to be honest. I was worried I’d be social exhausted at the end of each day, but my living arrangement is pretty good so far. I’m satisfied.

So today is the 19th. My brother moves away for university on the 25th. I was planning to go back on the 23rd originally, because I have to look after my grandma while my parents take my brother, but now I’m thinking I’ll go back tomorrow, on the 20th. I never thought about it until yesterday when I was talking with my cousin, but I’m gonna miss my brother so much. Even though we don’t always get along, he’s my gaming and movie buddy. Now I’m going to have to do these things alone. Even when I moved out before, whenever I’d come home, he’d be there to do these things with me but now he’s moving really far away. Now when I come home, I’d still be alone. So I want to go home tomorrow and cherish the last few days with him around. We’d just started an anime the other day and we’re also near the end of our first Diablo 3 playthrough on PS4, so it’d be really cool to complete these things before he goes.

Guess I’m just feeling a little emotional lol. So much shit is going on in my life, it’s a bit overwhelming. I still need to go back to my doctor’s to get my blood test results and I also need to find a therapist here. Fun times ahead!


PS: There’s WiFi.


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